Energy Works a Mozambican company existing since 2014 with majority Mozambican shareholding, has developed studies and implemented projects in the area of ​​strategic planning and institutional development in a variety of sectors and territorial dimensions (national, regional, supra-municipal and local).

We focus on projects in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, as well as on Infrastructure projects.

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The success of any investment, foreign or local, depends on their willingness and ability to develop local business.

National Content & Matchmaking

We strive to bridge the gap between international and local enterprises and take an active role in the establishment of long term high quality relationships that benefit all parties involved. We assist both international investors, as well as local companies, in establishing consortia, joint ventures and other partnerships.

EnergyWorks can support you in every step of your joint venture setup. We establish dialogue and contacts with potential partners, help set the strategic direction, work with you on your local business development plan, and assist with the related paperwork.

You can contact us also for the design of your Local Content strategy, thus ensuring that you make the best possible use of the local potential, and thus improving your local content track record.

If you need your staff trained on Local Content matters, we refer to our specialist Local Content courses, which can be tailor made to your specific objectives.


Visit also our Skills Academy our Expert Advice and Business Participation


We can also assist with feasibility studies, market research, risk assessments, training inventories, stakeholder engagement, project design and implementation.


  English   Portuguese, International

Tel: +258 21 496 815 
Av. Kim Il Sung Nr. 1056 Maputo, Mozambique