Energy Works a Mozambican company existing since 2014 with majority Mozambican shareholding, has developed studies and implemented projects in the area of ​​strategic planning and institutional development in a variety of sectors and territorial dimensions (national, regional, supra-municipal and local).

We focus on projects in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, as well as on Infrastructure projects.

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Nuno Uinge (ceo)

Partner and Co-founder of what has become one of the leading Human Resources consulting companies in Mozambique, CBE Southern Africa. As its CEO, I have lead this company from the start-up and successfully capitalized on the upcoming HR Consulting market. Areas of expertise: strategic organisational needs assessments and planning, workforce management, HR forecasting, crisis management and organisational restructuring. Proven capabilities in setting up joint ventures and the development of strategic business partnerships.

With the current economic boom, particularly in Mozambique, I felt that I had much more to contribute to the development of my country and this is why I took the initiative to set up EnergyWorks.

EnergyWorks focuses on the economic developments in mining, oil and gas, water and infrastructure projects. We wish to partner with national and international investors in these new areas, offering our expertise and services and assuring the most successful outcomes for the investors, the country.


Proud to be part of this exciting era







We can also assist with feasibility studies, market research, risk assessments, training inventories, stakeholder engagement, project design and implementation.


  English   Portuguese, International

Tel: +258 21 496 815 
Av. Kim Il Sung Nr. 1056 Maputo, Mozambique