Safety of Machinery and Equipment

Course Objective

Guide workers to the safe use of machinery and equipment, in the execution of work designed to ensure the health and physical integrity of workers, establishing minimum requirements for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

Target Group

Workers involved in the operation, maintenance, inspection and other interventions in machinery and stationary equipment.


  • Full Time

Course Outline

  • Minimum safety requirements of work equipment
  • Description and identification of risks associated with each machine
  • Protections: types and operation; specific protections for each type of risk; removal of protection: when and how can be removed; damaged protection: what to do;
  • Principles of Safety in Operation: machines or devices
  • Security for mechanical and electrical hazards
  • Safe Work Method
  • Work Permit
  • Locking operation of the machine and equipment during inspection, cleaning, lubrication and maintenance system;

Total Workload

  • 8 Hours
Sectors & Categories