Covers the broad content of the OH&S Act no 85 of 1993, principles of incident prevention, risk analysis, inspections and procedures.
Course Objective Guide workers to the safe use of machinery and equipment, in the execution of work designed to ensure […]
Course Objective It is intended to provide participants with methodologies to eliminate hazards in the workplace and ensuring safe and […]
Course Objective Apply the procedures for handling and transportation of flammable and hazardous products in accordance with national and international […]
Course Objective Develop and implement procedures properly locking and isolation from the mains, Identify hazards and most common risks that […]
Course Objective Identify, classify and characterize hazardous substances, to interpret the label and check the precautions, learn how to store […]
Course Objective This course aims to provide participants the knowledge of physical, chemical and biological agents that are exposed in […]
Course Objective At the end of the course Participants will be able to identify the type of fire, the best […]
Course Objective Prepare participants to face the main road risks of everyday life. Provide contact with emergency situations or near […]
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