HS.4 Investigation of Accidents / Incidents and Causes

Course Objectives

Provide delegates with the knowledge and the skills needed for investigating accidents / incidents and effectively to understand analysis of various analysis techniques incidents skills.

Target Group

All professionals interested in Health and Safety at Work.


  • Full Time

Course Outline

Methodology Fault Tree (2 hours)

  • An analysis of the fault tree
  • Conduct an analysis of event tree
  • Recognize undesirable events and consequences

Fault Analysis and Evaluation (2 hours)

  • Implement control measures for mitigation
  • Put in place procedures to control the undesirable event
  • Understanding the modes of failure of equipment
  • Identify human errors
  • Identify equipment failures

Failure diagrams & graphs (4 Hours)

Total Workload

  • 8 hours
Sectors & Categories