HS.13 Defensive Driving

Course Objective

Prepare participants to face the main road risks of everyday life. Provide contact with emergency situations or near misses in traffic. Sensitize participants to maintain the attitude of Defensive Driving.

The course is conducted with participant’s cars.

Target Group

Light Vehicles

Course Outline


  • Causes and consequences of road accidents
  • Engine braking and the reaction
  • Factors driving risk
  • Technical risk reduction
  • Concepts of Defensive Driving


  • Driving Position
  • Manoeuvrability and stability control
  • Emergency braking in a straight (skid-pad);
  • Braking away from the obstacle;
  • Prevention and control skid (with skid-car);
  • Understeer and oversteer.
  • Inspection of Vehicle
  • Driving Advice

Total Workload

  • 16 Hours
Sectors & Categories