HS.14 Fire & Explosions

Course Objective

At the end of the course Participants will be able to identify the type of fire, the best way to extinguish. Use and handle the correct extinguisher.

Target Group

All company employees, persons designated to ensure the protection measures in companies.


  • Full Time

Course Outline

  • Basic Concepts and Classifications,
  • Fire and Explosions
  • Nature of fire: fuel, oxidizer, or activation energy causes inflammation, chain reaction.
  • Combustion Products
  • Fire Prevention and Control,
  • Extinguishing Methods
  • Extinguishing agents
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Network of armed fire
  • Preventive structural measures
  • Classification of materials against fires
  • Automatic fire detection

Total Workload

  • 8 Hours
Sectors & Categories