Exposure to Physical, Chemical and Biological Substances & Risk Assessment

Course Objective

This course aims to provide participants the knowledge of physical, chemical and biological agents that are exposed in their activity and protective measures appropriate to each situation risks.

Target Group

Workers exposed to biological agents: research laboratories, hospital services, medical laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, slaughterhouses, workers of collection and treatment of wastes in various branches of industry.


  • Full Time

Course Outline

Biological Hazards

  • Classification of biological agents, sources of exposure, route of biological entry, agents in the body, risk assessment, worker protection.

Chemical Hazards

  • Chemicals: how they look, how they can affect health. Inherent risk vs. actual risk, dangerous chemical reactions, dangerous chemicals. Protection measures.

Physical Hazards

  • Noise, temperature, vibration, pressure, radiation, and humidity

Total Workload

  • 8 Hours
Sectors & Categories