HS.8 Safety Coordination on Construction

Course Objective

Provide learners with theoretical and practical knowledge to accustom them to:

  • Ensure integration of principles / objectives inherent in the rules of HSE, promoting and verifying the implementation of the general principles of prevention of occupational risks from project planning to the operation phase of the work
  • Design, develop and implement safety and health plan and build technical
  • Coordinate the activities of the risks involved in the prevention of risks concerning safety, hygiene and health at work

Target Group

Middle and senior management of companies responsible for the implementation of Management Systems. HSE Responsible for Health & Safety, Work Technicians, Supervisors, Foremen of Work.


  • Full Time

Course Outline

Safety and Health at Work

  • Concepts and General Definition

Health & Safety Legislation applicable to the construction

  • Legislation of Public Works
  • Contracts of Public Works
  • Licensing of Urban Allotments
  • Urbanization Works e Individuals Site Works
  • Responsibilities of Stakeholders and Insurance in Construction

Safety in Construction

  • Legislation safety, hygiene and health at work
  • Temporary Signs

Risk Prevention for Professionals in Construction

  • Risk Professionals
  • Security Risks in Construction (Excavation, Underground Works, Bridges & Viaducts, etc …)
  • Safety and Use Machines
  • Equipment Collective Protection and Individual
  • Physical Hazards – Noise, Vibration and Thermal Environment
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards and Explosion Hazards

Coordenação security and project work

  • Plan for Health and Safety at Work
  • Compilation Technique for Work
  • Management of the Environment, Quality and Safety of Construction
  • Basic Principles of Supervision of Construction Safety / Accident Investigation

Theoretical Assessment
Safety coordination

  • Case Study

Total Workload

  • 38 Hours
Sectors & Categories