HS.7 Health and Safety in the Chemical Industry

Course Objective

This course aims to provide participants with knowledge and skills to safely handle and store dangerous chemicals.

Target Group

All professionals working with chemical products laboratory technicians, warehouse workers


  • Full Time

Course Outline

  • Concepts and General Definitions
  • Data Sheets MSDS safety of chemical material – Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Interpretation
  • Hazards Risk
    • Dangers of flammable gases
    • Risks and hazards of flammable substances (liquids)
    • Risks of explosives
    • Risks of reactive substances
    • Dangers of corrosive substances
    • Dangers of toxic and harmful substances
  • Limits
    • Be familiar with explosion limits,
    • Be familiar with limited toxicity,
  • Storage and Labelling of Chemicals
    • Rules and safety procedures in storage and labelling of chemicals
      Understanding chemical effects on humans and the environment

Total Workload

  • 8 Theoretical Hours

Sectors & Categories